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Head of the chair
name office hours e-mail
on appointment berthold wiggerWyr3∂kit edu

name office hours phone e-mail
Mon-Thu 09:00-13:00, Fri 09:00-11:00 +49 721 608-43731 anette kleinBqr4∂kit edu
Tue 13:00-18:00 +49 721 608-43731  

Scientific Staff
name office hours phone e-mail
on appointment +49 721 608-43731  
on appointment +49 721 608-43731 kerstin bruckmeierBfc5∂kit edu
Tue 09:30-11:30 +49 721 608-45852 kathrin gebersFol2∂kit edu
Thu 09:00-11:30 +49 721 608-45489 lars herberholzIgh7∂kit edu
Thu 10:00-12:00 +49 721 608-45853 lorenz kemperIpb5∂kit edu
Tue 09:00-11:30 +49 721 608-45851 florian steidlCdt4∂kit edu
Thu 09:00-11:30 +49 721 608-41811 dominik zimmermannYcj3∂kit edu

Visiting lecturer
title name

Student Assistants

Former staff
title name dissertation
Designing effectively the domestic fiscal framework of the EMU member states under the Fiscal Compact.
The Professional Partnership: An Alternative Paradigm for University Governance. (2014)
Steuerungswirkungen der Hochschulfinanzierung in Deutschland. (2014)
On Collective Goods, Voluntary Contributions, and Fundraising. (2014)
Sustainability of the German Pension Scheme: Employment at Higher Ages and Incentives for Delayed Retirement. (2014)
Charitable Giving, Taxes and Fundraising. (2012)
Hochschulen im strategischen Wettbewerb: Empirische Analyse der horizontalen Differenzierung deutscher Hochschulen. (2011)
The Taxation of Capitalistic Bequests. (2011)
The Impact of Performance Budgeting on Public spending in Germany’s Laender
Federal Tax Competition: How a Country’s Federal Framework Affects its Position in Competing for Increasingly Mobile Capital(2011)
Höhere Effizienz durch mehr Autonomie: Eine institutionenökonomische Analyse aktueller Hochschulreformen. (2008)
New Public Management und Leistungsmessung im deutschen Forschungssektor: Theorie, Umsetzung und Wirkungsanalyse. (2008)
Corporate Tax Evasion and Governments Analysis and Policy Implications for Russia. (2007)