The steering impact of the Quality Pact for Teaching

Project description

The “Quality Pact for Teaching”, a joint programme of the Federal Government and the Länder, is aimed at improving the study conditions and the quality of teaching at German institutions of higher education. In order to assess the impact of the diverse activities from a scientific point of view, the programme is supplemented by accompanying research. This research project is part of the accompanying research and investigates internal and external steering effects of the “Quality Pact for Teaching”, placing a special focus on empirical approaches.

This project is government funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under grant agreement no. 01PB14008.

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Project progress

06./07.10.2015  Presentation of first project results at the kick-off event of the coordination office by Prof. Wigger, Lars Herberholz and Lorenz Kemper.
05./06.04.201 Exchange of ideas and establishment of cooperation at the expert workshop "Study entry phase"

Current working papers

First milestone:

  • "Die Förderung von Hochschulen im Qualitätspakt Lehre nach Institutionstypen" from Lorenz Kemper
  • "Institutional Specialization and Diversity in Higher Education: Empirical Evidence from Germany" from Lorenz Kemper

  • "Determinanten der Inanspruchnahme von Fördermitteln" from Lars Herberholz