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Please refer to the following employees with regard to the listed topics.


Anette Klein

  • Contact Professor Wigger
  • Administration


Scientific Staff 

  • Lecture assistance "Spezielle Steuerlehre" (Specific Aspects in Taxation)
  • Lecture assistence "Geld- und Finanzpolitik" (Monetary and Fiscal Policy)
  • Exam organisation


Lars Herberholz

  • Lecture assistance "Public Management"
  • Third-party funds


Lorenz Kemper

  • Lecture assistance "VWL II - Makroökonomie" (Macroeconomics)
  • Seminar "Public Finance"
  • Letters of recommendation for students


Dominik Zimmermann


  • Lecture assistance "Einführung in die Finanzwissenschaft" (Introduction to Public Finance)
  • Learning agreements for studies abroad
  • Organisation Workshop Economics and Finance