Chair of Public Finance and Public Management
Lars Herberholz

Lars Herberholz

Curriculum Vitae

Lars Herberholz began studying Industrial Engineering and Management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2010. His major fields of study were Economics, Finance, and Computer Science. Since June 2014, he is employed as a research and teaching assistant at the Chair of Public Finance and Public Management.

Chair Competencies

  • Lecture assistance

  • Seminar on Public Finance

  • Supervision of bachelor and master theses

  • Equivalence assessment of external studies

  • Third-party funding administration

Research Fields

  • Science and Innovation Economics

  • Public Sector Efficiency

Current Projects

  • "Efficiency of European Universities: A Comparison of Peers" (with Berthold U. Wigger)

  • "The Matthew Effect in Academic Funding: Evidence from Germany"

  • "Infrastructure, Mobility, and Scientific Networks" (with Dominik Zimmermann)

  • "On the Value of Collaboration" (with Benjamin Bittschi)

Student Theses